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Charity work is a way how you can help someone or something, and there are so many different forms of charity right now, that you don’ t even have to have extra money to be able to do something good and charitable. One thing that goes hand in hand with charity is recycling. So lest look a bit closer at that how intertwined charity and recycling really are.

Nowadays popular thing how to combine recycling and charity work is to donate part of the income from recycling to charity. If you are a company, that provides recycling services, but that isn’t a recycling facility, it means that people probably are donating their recyclables to you and you most likely are getting money for recycling these things. That is the reason why many companies decide to give part of their profit away and donate it to charity of their choice, and of coarse it is a win-win situation for everyone. People can get rid of their unnecessary things and know that they will be recycles properly, recycling companies get to earn money from recycling and charities get profit from these recycling companies, so they can keep going and keep supporting their cause.

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Another way how recycling and charity often intertwines is that there area multiple organizations that actually recycle for sole purpose of giving the money they earn to charity organizations. These organizations accept everything from old mobile phones and iPods to aluminum and other metals that are the most valuable to recycle, bring them to recycling facilities and then donate the money they receive to one or even multiple charities. The great thing about these organizations is that they usually even let the people who donate, choose which charity they want to champion, which means that by recycling they are able to support the cause that is the nearest and dearest to their heart.

Lastly recycling for charity is not only how you can give back to your favorite cause, but how you simply can make sure, that your recyclables, especially those things that are harder to recycle, will be properly taken care of. So basically by recycling your things through a so called recycling-for-a-charity organization you not only help causes that really need your help, but you also make sure that things like aluminum, electronics or other stuff doesn’t end up in landfills but are recycled and re-purposed into something new, that other people can use again. So the next time you are thinking of recycling your things, you might want to look up nearby recycling-for-charity organizations and recycle your waste that way, because this way you will be killing a lot of birds with one very recyclable stone.

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