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prof smMy name is Jeremy and I am the editor of this website. My passion for recycling and green living started when me and my family moved from a small apartment to a new house. While living in the old apartment, I did not pay much of attention to green living, mostly because there wasn’t that much information about benefits I could gain from living greener.

As for most of the people, the number one thing that got me into green living was that I could save some money. I started with small things like changing my lightbulbs to energy efficient ones, unplugging all my electronic devices, so they don’t consume energy while not in use, changing my old electronics such as my old fridge to new ones, which dramatically lowered my electricity bills.

In that time my wife started to sort the waste for recycling. The thing with recycling is that the benefits you can have from it are not that easy to see at first, like with lower electricity bills which results in money savings, but more you start interesting about it, more you understand that recycling is extremely important for our environment.

What involved me into recycling was that I could actually earn some money from taking aluminum cans to an aluminum recycling center.

As me and my family drink from aluminum cans quite often and trash bags filled with empty cans very fast, I started to look for ways to compress these cans more effectively. At first I wanted to build a can crusher by myself, but then I found that there are many great quality aluminum can crushers already on the market that I can purchase. Now, I have manual can crushers at my house and have also built an automatic unit for my garage.

In this website you will find information about recycling, green living, tools that can help you to recycle more efficiently, including reviews of various can crushers, also some tips on how you can build your own aluminum can crusher and a lot of more useful info about recycling from my experience.

And remember:

By thinking more about the environment, you also think more about yourself, so living green improves not only the environment, but also you as a human.

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