Recycling fix that could change the industry for the better Recycling

Much like the rest of the world, recycling industry, too, is continuously evolving and finding new ways how to recycle, do it faster and more efficient. However, the recycling fix I am gonna be talking about in this article has not as much to do with the recycling as a business but more to do with how to make everyday recycling easier for people who really doesn’t have searched or studied all the labels, signs and terms related to recycling, which, also, has the potential to change the recycling industry and the impact recycling has as a whole.

Tthis fix is to create one uniform system of labeling recycle bins. This creation was proposed by a non-profit organization called RAA, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit, meaning that it is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Their main idea was to standardize the labels for all recycling bins, which would automatically let people know what they can and cannot put in specific recycling bins.

Right now one of the biggest problems in recycling isn’t that people don’t recycle, but that people tend to recycle the wrong materials in the wrong bins, which causes the good waste mix with the bad waste, and that in return can lead to two equally bad things. Firstly, this means that the recycling facility will have to employ additional resources to sort through the recyclables and take out all all of the materials, that cannot be recycled, which costs a lot of additional money. And, secondly, a one particularly bad recyclable can even ruin most of the good recyclables in the bin, which will lead to having to send the materials, that otherwise could be recycled, to a landfill, defeating the whole purpose of recycling.

RAA labeling system

So this fix could be the answer to more efficient recycling, and there probably isn’t anything more powerful and more able to save our environment as recycling. Usually the reason behind people throwing the wrong thing in the wrong recycling bin is that recycling bins tend to be labeled with complex signs and information that doesn’t really tell you what you can put in the bin, and that cases confusion in people. And what does confusion lead to? Frustration, mistakes and skepticism against the whole recycling industry. So by simplifying the recycling signs and making sure that they are the same everywhere, that could end the confusion and give people a better chance to actually recycle their items in the appropriate way.

Additionally, this fix also would have the potential to stop the downwards spiral that recycling industry is lately experiencing, since the downwards trend is largely thanks to the fact that people don’t recycle their products correctly. So lets support this nonprofit organization and their efforts to not only save the planet by getting people to recycle more but also to save the recycling industry, so it can continue to provide the infrastructure we need to continue recycling and to continue taking care of our environment.

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