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There are many different recycling apps out there, that have various applications. So, to help you make sense of all these applications, below we summarized three different types of recycling apps. The first type is more general, with apps intended for specific areas and providing information about closest recycling points and general information about recycling, for example, in which bin glass is supposed to go. The second category is a bit more specific, with apps providing information and schedules of garbage days for definite cities and regions. And lastly, the third app group highlights fun apps, which offer engagement with neighbors and friends, performing different challenges and exchanging food and goods.


This app is intended for finding recycling locations near you. It provides many product types, such as household, garden, plastic, and even automotive waste, dividing all your recyclables into specific categories. Then, when you chose a product, that you want to recycle, the app will further display the closest place where this product can be recycled. App provides over 1.5 million locations all over the United States, in which you can recycle over 350 different materials and products. The only downside to “IRecycle” app is that it is designed for the United States only, so the app will not be useful for usage outside the Sates.

“Eco Smart – recycling made easy”, “Waukesha County Recycles”

Eco Smart and Waukesha Country Recycles are apps somewhat similar to IRecycle, only they intended for specific location in Ireland and county of Waukesha in Wisconsin, US. These apps not only provide closest recycling destinations but also give guidance to what goes in which bin. And even if you live outside Ireland or Waukesha, these apps can still be useful, because they give different tips, showing all the different bins and things that go in them. In addition, if a user discovers that a recycling point has not been added to map, it can be easily done, because apps allow everyone to add recycling spots.

“Garbage and Recycling Day”, “Columbia, SC Solid Waste”, “Dallas Sanitation Services” etc.

These are a specific type of apps intended for particular locations and places, providing users with information and schedules of when the garbage or recycling day is. Users can sign up for text, e-mail or phone reminders of garbage day and get access to closest recycling and drop-off location within their area. Unfortunately, as these are very location-sensitive apps, they will be useful only to users residing in certain areas.


OLIO is a food recycling app that connects neighbors and businesses nearby. The app lets you share products that are near their expiration date, home-grown foods and spare items in your home, for example, that you need to use up before going on holiday, with people nearby in order for these products not to go to waste. And although OLIO is intended mainly for consumable items, household supplies can also be shared. To share an item, simply take a picture of it, add description and location and wait for a response. To find what you need, browse the list of products and choose the goods that will be useful to you. Meetings between both parties to exchange goods can be arranged through private messages. And, since the intention for the app is to be free, any money the app’s creators earn will be donated to charity.


Lastly, this is a recycling app, which is designed to be a bit more fun than above-mentioned ones. “Happen” creates a community for recycling and green living enthusiasts, providing users with challenges, which benefit the environment. The app offers nearby events and allows users to add their own actions that benefit the environment. Every action earns bonus points, allowing users to rise in the leaderboard and making recycling a fun and healthy competition between your friends.

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