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Festival season has officially begun and since festivals are a great way how people with different interests and from different walks of life can come together to enjoy good music, food and other activities, I thought I tell you about a bit different kind of festivals, because music festivals aren’t the only ones that are happening. Since people are thinking more and more about green living and recycling, festivals dubbed recycling festivals have become quite popular and are making rounds to becoming the new trendy thing to do during your weekends.

Recycling festivals or recycling art festivals are events, where different forms of recycling takes the spotlight, weather it is in the form of making artwork using recycled items, hosting item collection spots for recycling, educating on recycling or selling recycled goods.

I Recycle Phoenix is one example of a recycling festival, because it a festival type event that happens in different parts of Phoenix and residents can bring everything from electronics to batteries, to household items and clothing to the festival and get it recycled in the right way for free. Previous times this festival has collected more than 1,500 pounds of recyclables, 19,000 pounds of electronics and more than 5,000 pounds of things that can be donated to Goodwill and other similar companies. Isn’t it great that you have a chance to give away the things you don’t need and be sure that they will be handled properly not just thrown in some landfill to rot for hundreds of years?

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Recycling Extravaganza is another recycling type festival. It is hosted in St. Louis Community College and created to honor Earth Day. During this festival there are collection event, where residents can give away their unnecessary hard-to-recycle items and they will be collected and recycled free of charge. On top of that those who attend this festival can enjoy good food from a food truck. Doing good to the environment and yourself by recycling and enjoying good food. What can be better?


Then if we lean towards recycled art and festivals dedicated to it, there is the Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival, which will celebrate its 18th birthday in 2016. During this weekend-long festival everybody can come and look at unique art of different forms from sculptures to wall decor to jewelry and also purchase their favorite pieces. On top of that during the three days of the festival there usually are costume contests, art exhibitions and make and take art workshops so everybody can not only look but also participate. This art festival is called the country’s largest and oldest recycled art market where every art piece is made from discarded materials. Put together beautiful with eco-friendly and you get this art festival.

Another somewhat similar event is the Recycled Arts Festival in Clark County’s Esther Short Park, which this year will be hosted for the 11th time. This festival was started as a way to educate people about waste reduction and recycling in Clark County and get people excited about it. And since the first festival it has grown into a family event, where artists come out and showcase their recyclable art, kids can make their own art in workshops, and anyone else can eat good food, enjoy good music and just relax. This award winning festival is the best way how you can spend your last weekend of June with your family.

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And in a faraway place called Sudan, in the city of Khartoum they are hosting a beautiful recycling festival, too. People living there have long been tired of seeing garbage on their streets, because there isn’t sustainable enough recycling program in the country. But one good thing came from this waste buildup – a festival in which artists can come out and get recognition for their art and people can come to enjoy the art and learn more about the meaning of waste and how you can upcycle different items to save money and help the environment. Moreover, during this first ever Khartoum recycling festival there are workshops for children, so everybody can make the day of this festival a family affair.

Lastly it is worth mentioning that big festivals like Bonnaroo, Summer Camp Music Festival and others, too, are working to make their events as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, because music festivals are notorious of being a huge wastelands and very eco-unfriendly events. These festivals are implementing compostable food service items, green tickets, carpooling contests, eco-activism events, Green Team volunteering, waste stations and other things into the main festival, to make a difference and try creating and hosting greener festivals.

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  1. Drager Meurtant Says: August 8, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    most interesting: work according to the motive of ‘recycling art’.
    hope some such festival will be organized some day in my country (The Netherlands)
    regards, Drager

  2. Donna Killoran Says: January 27, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    Hi Jeremy Please check us out The Green Team of Nettles Island. We are searching for a long time for an electric can crusher ( for mostly aluminum but some steel cans up to one gallon in size ) We need your help Thank You Donna Killoran We average 2500 lbs. of aluminum soda and beer cans per month. ThanksDo you know of a company who makes a product for us?

    • Hi Donna,

      Unfortunately right now I don’t have contacts for any company that makes such a large and powerful can crusher.

      But if I hear about one, I will definitely let you know.


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