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Vertical or so called wall mounted can crushers are one of the best kind of crushers, because they are not only easy to use and operate, as the vertical position makes it easy for anyone to use the crusher to compress aluminum cans and later recycle them in already smaller size, but they also come in vast variety of different sizes and designs that you can chose from, so you can find the one that best suits the space where you are going to place the crusher in and the features that best suits you needs. And to help you with this choice here is a list of the best wall mounted aluminum can crushers on the market.

Easy Pull Can Crusher


If you want a decent sized can crusher that comes with a collection bin that ensures all your compressed cans are stored clean in a neutral container, then you should look at this crusher from Easy Pull which is a can crusher manufacturing company based in the US.

This particular vertical crusher is unique, because it comes with already attached 16 inch collection bin that in addition to the automatic dispensing bin will let you crush cans and store them without having to touch them after they have been crushed. And because this crusher compresses only cans that are 12 ounces and smaller in their size, the 16 inch long storage bin can fit in more than 40 compressed cans. On top of that, the storage bin and automatic dispensing mechanism combination makes the crushing process about 6 times faster than it would be, when using other can crusher without those two particular features.

The materials used to make this 19.8 by 6.5 by 4 inch crusher are glass filled nylon for the body of the crusher and stainless steel and aluminum for the moving parts of the crusher such as hinges, meaning that the crusher is not only durable, but also made from materials that are the best for each of their particular usages. Additionally, the collection bin is made from plastic, making it light, yet able to hold all those cans.

Easy Pull Can Crusher advantages

  • Materials that are used in manufacturing this crusher are only top grade;
  • Has an automatic dispensing system;
  • Features 16 inch storage bin where you can store 40 – 45 compressed cans;
  • Easy to use and crush cans with it;
  • Simple yet stylish design that will fit in to most interiors.

Easy Pull Can Crusher disadvantages

  • Cannot crush cans that are larger than 12 oz;
  • Doesn’t have multiple can storage, where to store empty uncompressed cans.

Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER


This can crusher is significantly different from the previous one, because not only the design of this crusher is completely different, but also the way you use it and the way it looks is different. And there is a reason the name of this Pacific Precision Metals can crusher is THE CRUSHER, because this really is one of the best vertical crushers out there.

This can crusher is made of heavy grade steel, so it is durable and able to crush aluminum cans that are up to 16 ounces in their size. The unique feature of this crusher is its design, because in oppose to other crushers, where the crushing process is visible, this crusher offers an option, where you don’t see the crushing process itself. Instead you place a can inside it, pull down the cover that doubles as the leaver that works the crushing mechanism and when you bring it back up, the can is crushed into small one inch high aluminum circle.

Although this crusher doesn’t have an automatic dispensing system, a collection bin and it can only hold one empty can at a time, the fact that this crusher is so efficient and the way it looks compensates that, because the crusher that is 6.8 by 3 by 4.4 inches in size is in crisp white color with a comfortable handle and closed design, so it looks good in multiple different environments and will crush any 16 oz or small can like it’s nothing.

THE CRUSHER advantages

  • Made from steel, so is very durable with a sturdy frame;
  • The leaver that works the crushing mechanism is comfortable to pull down as well as it hides the crushing process for cleaner process;
  • The mechanism is easy to work and use;
  • The crusher looks better than most crushers and will suit any environment from your kitchen to garage;
  • Can withstand indoors and outdoors conditions.

THE CRUSHER disadvantages

  • Doesn’t have automatic can dispensing system;
  • Doesn’t have can storage bin;
  • Cannot hold more than one can at a time.

Basic Industries International 77703 can crusher


For those who want a crusher that can store multiple cans and has a simple design, this crusher might be for you, because it not only is simple, but also efficient, with a couple of extra features for more comfortable use.

The best thing about this can crusher is the added combination of multiple can holder, where you can store up to 6 uncrushed cans and the automatic dispensing system, because this enables you to crush multiple cans in a very small amount of time. In addition the simple grey steel construction of the crusher makes it understated and will look good in most spaces.

To crush cans with this crusher you need to place a can inside the can holder, then once the can has reached the bottom of the holder pull down the crusher’s handle and it will crush the can in one smooth motion. The only downside to this crusher is that it doesn’t have a padded handle, but that can be easily overlooked, as this crusher will easily crush any aluminum can that is up to 12 ounces in size.

Basic Industries International 77703 can crusher advantages

  • Has an automatic dispensing system;
  • Can hold multiple uncompressed cans – up to 6 in countThe leaver that works the crushing mechanism is comfortable to pull down as well as it hides the crushing process for cleaner process;
  • Simple design that will fit well in most spaces;
  • Easy to use;
  • Steel construction adds to the durability of the crusher.

Basic Industries International 77703 can crusher disadvantages

  • Doesn’t have padded handle for more comfortable use;
  • Can crush only 12 oz cans and smaller;
  • Doesn’t have a collection bin.

MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher


Although vertical crushers are the best and the easiest to use and that is why I am writing this article, sometimes you want the option to hang the crusher horizontally too, even if you won’t ever use this option, so this can crusher will be good for those, who want the added variation.

This can crusher, like the previous paragraph suggests, can be hung up vertically or horizontally, however the vertical position is the main one, so I would suggest to mount it to a wall that way. Even though this crusher doesn’t have an automatic dispensing system, a collection bin and it also cannot hold multiple cans like some other crushers can, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that it is easy to use and also is very effective. Material that is used to make this crusher that is 9 by 3.75 by 3.875 inches in dimensions is stainless steel, so I can approve that it is extremely durable and will crush even the most stubborn aluminum cans, but the black powder coating will protect the crusher from rusting, if you decide to place it outdoors. And the handle that needs to be pulled down to crush cans and bottles too is made from steel, but it also is padded with a foam grip, so it is not only more comfortable to use the crusher, but also easier too.

But the best part about this crusher is that it compresses aluminum cans that are up to 32 ounces in size as well as most plastic bottles of this size, so you really will get a tool that will help you recycle not only your aluminum cans, but your plastic bottles too.

MasterCrush can crusher advantages

  • Crushes aluminum cans that are up to 32 oz in size;
  • Also crush plastic bottles;
  • Has multiple mounting positions – can be mounted vertically or horizontally;
  • The stainless steel that is used to make this crusher turns it into one of the most durable crushers on the market;
  • Has padded handle for more comfortable usage;
  • Has simple design that will fit well in many interiors.

MasterCrush can crusher disadvantages

  • Doesn’t have automatic dispensing system;
  • Doesn’t have a collection bin;
  • Cannot hold more than one can at a time.

Easy Crush Can Crusher


And lastly, also this Easy Crush Can Crusher is a simple and cheap solution, if you want a can crusher that will do the job and won’t take up a lot of space. This crusher is manufactured by a manufacturer called Pacific Precision Metals that is a Southern California based company that produces many different kitchen and bathroom appliances.

There really isn’t nothing fancy about this crusher, because it isn’t automatic and won’t dispense cans automatically after crushing, as well as it cannot hold multiple cans and doesn’t come with a crushed can collection bin. However, it is in the simplicity of this crusher where it wins over many consumers hearts. This steel made crusher that crushes aluminum cans up to 12 ounces in size is sturdy and practical. The simple metal look adds an industrial, yet modest look to the crusher and it will look good in your kitchen as well as in your garage or any other room.

Install this 15.4 by 5.7 by 3.3 inch crusher by mounting it vertically to any wall or similar vertical surface and you can start crushing your cans one by one by pulling down the metal handle. The crusher will do the rest and compress your aluminum cans into size that is less than 1 inch, so you can save space and still store your cans for later recycling.

Easy Crush Can Crusher advantages

  • Made from very durable steel;
  • Practical and modest design;
  • Easy to mount and later to use;
  • Simple solution for anybody and any place.

Easy Crush Can Crusher disadvantages

  • Cannot crush cans that are bigger than 12 oz;
  • Doesn’t have an automatic dispensing system;
  • Doesn’t come with a collection bin or a multiple uncompressed can holding space.

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