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Frog can crusher post


  • Orientation – Horizontal.
  • Product size – 6x5x7.3 inches (15.2×12.7×18.5 cm).
  • Material – Plastic.
  • Maximum can size – 12 oz.
  • Color – Green.
  • Automatic dispensing – No.
  • Collection bin – No.
  • Multiple can holder – No. Holds 1 can at time.

Frog can crusher is a creative tool that will help to crush aluminum cans such as beer and soda cans. This tool can be described as a regular can crusher made into a much more pleasant casing. Aluminum can crusher is made from PVC plastic material, which is pretty durable to be able to crush aluminum cans. Frog crusher will take cans up to 12 oz size and won’t be able to compress larger 16 oz cans, so if you are mostly drinking beer, soda and energy drinks from larger than 12 oz cans, you should look at different 16 oz aluminum can crushers.

The frog can crusher is a foot operated tool, so it must be placed on a firm and level ground to be able to use the tool. This can crusher is also a portable tool and it does not need to be installed on any surface, so you can carry it from one place to other. The crusher has got few useful features that allow to crush cans more easily. First of all there is a groove inside the head of crusher that holds a can into place and prevents it from popping out in the crushing process. Second, the head of the crusher is flat, which makes it easier to step on the crusher and compress aluminum cans. The crushing mechanism itself, same as the crusher, is made from a plastic material, which may not seem that durable, but it is strong enough to crush aluminum cans without any problems.

One the major advantages of the tool is that it has got an attractive design. The crusher is made in a frog shape, with a smiling face and two eyes and painted in a green color. We are used to crushers in gray or black colors that all have similar looks and do not stand out one from each other, but this tool is unique in that way. Attractive design will also be appreciated by kids and this tool is a great way to introduce your kids to can recycling and basics of green living. But before allowing children to use the crusher remember that this is not a toy and crushing might get dangerous, if basic safety rules are not followed. Allow children to use the tool only under strict adult supervision.


The frog can crusher is simple to use tool. To crush a can just insert it into the opening of the crusher, align it so if fits into the groove under crusher’s head and step on the flat surface to compress the can. As with most can crushers we suggest pinching the sides of a can before inserting it into the crusher. This will take a lot of pressure off the crushing mechanism, so the tool does not get damaged easily and keeps working after months of use.


The size of Frog can crusher is 6x5x7.3 inches (15.2×12.7×18.5 cm) and the weight of the product is approx. 2 pounds (0.9 kg).


  • Attractive design, a great way to introduce your kids to importance of recycling;
  • Very easy to use, thanks to the advantages of a foot operated crusher;
  • Portable and does not require to be installed to a wall, table or other spot.


  • Will work only with 12 oz and smaller aluminum cans;
  • Makes the crushing process slower than with wall mounted crushers.

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