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Eko-Mania Krusher crusher


  • Distributor – Eko-Mania.
  • Orientation – Vertical.
  • Product size – 20x7x6.7 inches (51x18x17 cm).
  • Material – Steel.
  • Maximum can size – 17 oz.
  • Color – Black and grey.
  • Automatic dispensing – No.
  • Collection bin – No.
  • Multiple can holder – No. Holds 1 can at time.

Eko-Mania Kursher is a multifunctional crusher that not only can be used to compress aluminum cans, but also cans and bottles from other type of materials such as steel, plastic and carton. The tool also has got a different design from the regular wall mounted can crusher we have used to see. When first using the tool you can feel that it actually is very durable tool made from a steel material and not only the body of the crusher is made from a steel, but also the handle and crushing mechanism. To be able to compress not only aluminum but also larger plastic bottles and more durable steel cans the crusher has got a larger opening and strong hinges to be able to take all these different size and durability cans.

Eko-Mania Krusher is a vertical single can crusher. The crusher must be mounted to a strong vertical surface such as a wooden wall. The body of the crusher has got a metallic grey color and handle is made in a black color and is powder coated, so the tool can also be used outdoors. The tool can be used to crush aluminum, steel and tin cans up to 500 ml or 17 oz. This allows to use the crusher with practically any soda, beer or even larger energy drink cans. The crusher will reduce the size of 16 oz and 17 oz aluminum cans down to about 1.5 inch (4 cm) height. Tool can also be used to compress smaller 12 oz cans. Eko-Mania Krusher will also compress plastic bottles and cartons with up to 0.5 gallon (2 liter) capacity. However, the compressed plastic bottles won’t be smaller in size than you could compress them with your hands or feet. Because the Krusher has got a durable steel construction it can also be used to compress steel cans with capacity up to 500 ml (17 oz). Before inserting a steel can into the crusher we suggest denting the sides of the can to take pressure off the crusher.


Eko-Mania Krusher must be installed to a vertical surface such as wall. Because this is a heavy duty crusher that will crush not only aluminum or plastic, but also steel and tin cans, it must be installed to a strong surface such as wood. Installing the unit to a wall from a weaker material might result in damage to the wall or the can crusher. The unit comes with all mounting hardware needed to install the crusher.

The usage of the crusher is pretty simple. Open the crushing arm and insert an aluminum can into the crusher. Level the can so it sits correctly in the middle of the opening and press down the handle, this will compress the aluminum can. Then simply take the compressed can out of the crusher and throw it into the trash. When crushing a steel can insert it in a horizontal position and press down the crushing handle to compress the can from one side, than open the crusher, turn the can over and compress it from the other side. To crush a plastic bottle insert it into the crusher in a vertical position so the end of the bottle sticks trough the opening of the crushing plate. Than take of the plastic cup and push down the handle and compress the plastic bottle.

If you are using the crusher outdoors you might find that the coating from the body can start to come off after some time of usage and these areas will eventually start to rust. Also, as the crusher has got a metal body, it will make a squeaking noise when using the unit, so you must lube all moving parts of the crusher before using it or when you start to hear the squeaking noise.


The size of Eko-Mania Krusher is 20x7x6.7 inches (51x18x17 cm) and weight of the tool is approx. 9.5 pounds (4.3 kg). Manufacturer provides a 3 year warranty for the tool.


  • One of few can crusher that will compress not only aluminum but also steel, tin, plastic and carton cans and bottles;
  • Durable steel body that will last for long time;
  • Will compress large aluminum and steel cans up to 17 oz size;
  • Manufacturer provides a 3 year complete warranty for the tool.


  • Pretty high price when compared to other can crushers;
  • The crusher cannot compress plastic bottles so effectively and you can compress these bottles to even a smaller size simply with you hands and feet than you could with a crusher.

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