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Multi-Load 16oz can crusher


  • Distributor – Harbor Freight Tools.
  • Orientation – Vertical.
  • Product size –12x5x18 inches (30.5×12.7×45.7 cm).
  • Material – Steel body and plastic handle.
  • Maximum can size – 16 oz.
  • Color – Grey and black.
  • Automatic dispensing – Yes.
  • Collection bin – No.
  • Multiple can holder – Yes. Holds 6 cans at time.

Multi-Load can crusher by Harbor Freight Tools is one of the most used multi can crushers. This unit has many great features such as semi-automatic crushing, long crushing handle, multiple can holder and few other features, all for a very affordable price.

The crusher has got a durable steel frame and a steel basket that should hold up to 6 cans, but in reality will hold 3 or 4 aluminum cans at max. This crusher can take cans up to 16 oz size, so you can use it with most beer or soda cans. The leveler instead of the body of crusher is made from a plastic material and actually is pretty durable. The leveler is approx. 15 inches (38 cm) long, which makes compression of cans a pretty easy process. The handle of leveler is larger in size to comfortably fit into a hand, but we would better like a soft grip as you can find on many wall mounted can crushers and not a plastic end as on this crusher.

Harbor Freight Tools multi-load crusher is a wall mounted crusher. We recommend installing the crusher to a sturdy surface such a wooden wall, so crusher stays firmly in the place when you use it. This crusher doesn’t compress cans to the smallest size we have seen and even some cheap wall mounted steel crushers will compress cans to a smaller size, although there are few simple workarounds to this problem that we explain later in our review. Crusher has got a semi-automatic crushing mechanism and compressed aluminum cans automatically drop out an opening at the bottom of the crusher. Automatic ejection system makes crushing of multiple cans a lot faster. Also there are metal hooks on both sides of the crusher, where you can attach a garbage bag, so all cans drop directly into the bag. The construction of the crusher has got a powder coat finish so you can use the tool also outdoors.

One of the biggest advantage of the crusher is its low price. You can find this crusher for just below 10 dollars, which is a very cheap price for a semi-automatic crusher with a multiple can holder that will crush cans up to 16 oz size.


When using this crusher you can start to see some minor faults and inconveniences that you won’t find on more expensive can crushers. The first problem is with the metal can holding basket. Manufacturer states that you can store up to 6 cans into the basket, but actually the 6th can will drop out of the crusher when you compress the lower can. Next thing is that sometimes cans tend to stuck into the metal basket and it also is pretty difficult to install the basket to the crusher. Some users report that it is easier to use the crusher without a metal basket and drop cans into the crusher one by one, which will not significantly slow down the crushing process. Also we found that sometimes cans won’t drop out of the crusher, so you have to push them with your hand. Again, nothing too time consuming or difficult to do. Another problem we found with this can crusher is that cans are not compressed to such a compact size, but you can eliminate this problem by simply installing a wooden block at the end of the crushing mechanism, so there is a smaller gap between the crushing plate and the end of the opening where cans get compressed. All of these are pretty minor problems that does not heavily limit the usage of the crusher and some of them can easily be avoided. Considering the low price of the crusher these drawbacks seems even more smaller. We recommend to lube all moving parts after some time of usage to improve the usability and life time of the tool.


The size of the multi-load can crusher is 12x5x18 inches (30.5×12.7×45.7 cm). It weighs 3.6 pounds (1.63 kg). Harbor Freight Tools provides a 90 day warranty for the crusher.


  • Very cheap price for a semi-automatic can crusher with multi can holder;
  • Crusher will take cans up to 16 oz size;
  • Semi-automatic ejection of cans allows speeding up the crushing process;
  • Easy to use because of the long crushing handle;
  • Metal hooks to attach a garbage bag under the crusher.


  • Metal can holder basket is pretty useless as cans tend to stuck inside the basket, and it is also pretty difficult to install the basket to the crusher and basket cannot hold 6 cans but 3-5 cans at time depending on the size;
  • Sometimes cans don’t drop out of the crusher so you have to push them out by hand;
  • Won’t compress cans to such a compact size as other crushers, but this can be easily fixed by installing a small wooden or other hard material block in the side of the crushers opening.

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