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Pacific Precision Metals multi can crusher


  • Manufacturer – Pacific Precision Metals.
  • Orientation – Vertical.
  • Product size – 5.7x8x18 inches (14.5×20.3×45.7 cm).
  • Material – Steel.
  • Maximum can size – 12 oz.
  • Color – Metallic.
  • Automatic dispensing – Yes.
  • Collection bin – No.
  • Multiple can holder – Yes. Holds 6 cans at time.

Pacific Precision Metals company is known with its top selling crusher – THE CRUSHER. However they have another great unit that people have good experience with, a multi-load steel can crusher. This aluminum can crusher will work with regular 12 oz beer or soda cans. The crusher has got multiple advantages when compared to single can crushers. First, this unit has got a can holder basket on the top of the unit. You can place up to 6 cans in this basket, but it will work better with 5 cans, because if your store 6 cans in the basket the last can might drop out by the movement when compressing cans. Also this can crusher has got a semi-automatic crushing mechanism and drops compressed cans directly below the crusher. Thanks to these features the crushing process can be speed up for multiple times.

The construction of the crusher is made from a durable steel material. Steel used on this crusher is much more durable than one used on cheap, single can crushers. Crusher does not have the prettiest design, but it certainly does its job and will crush 12 oz aluminum cans with no worries. As this is a vertical can crusher it can be mounted to a wall or other vertical surface. We recommend that you install the unit to a sturdy wall with strong screws, so it does not wobble or start to come out of wall. As cans get dropped out of the bottom of the unit we recommend that you place a trash bag or a garbage can right below the crusher, so you don’t have to touch compressed aluminum cans, by taking them out of the crusher after each compression.

When using a crusher you might find few faults with the unit. First, the can holder basket is not the best invention of this crusher, as cans in other size or shape than regular 12 oz beverage cans or cans that have been bent might stuck in the metal basket, so you will need to align them with your hands, which is not difficult to do, but will slow the crushing process down. You can put a tape around the meta basket to prevent dent or smaller cans falling out of the basket. From the plus side we can mention the solid steel construction, including the crushing mechanism, which works very well and will compress aluminum cans to small size of approx. 1 inch (2.5 cm), just lubricate the moving parts from time to time, so crusher keeps working as expected. As mentioned, the crushing unit is really easy to operate and it will speed up the crushing process quite a bit. Just insert 6 (although we recommend inserting 5 cans) empty aluminum cans in the metal basket, pull the leveler and crush cans one by one. Compressed cans will automatically drop trough the opening on the bottom of the crusher. The crushing process is very easy and the crusher can be used even by children. However, it would be convenient if there was a soft padding on the handle, as we have seen on many other can crushers, which makes the crushing process more comfortable, especially if you need to crush large quantity of cans.

The size of this Pacific Precision Metals can crusher is 5.7x8x18 inches (14.5×20.3×45.7 cm). The weight of the product is 5.3 pounds (2.4 kg).


  • Sturdy steel construction, a lot more durable than most cheap single can crushers;
  • Semi-automatic mechanism automatically drops each can under the crusher;
  • Multiple can holder will hold 6 regular 12 oz aluminum cans at time;
  • Will crush multiple cans faster thanks to multiple can holder and automatic ejection of crushed cans.


  • Non-standard cans other than regular 12 oz cans might get stuck into the can holding basket, so alignment of cans will be needed that slows down the crushing process;
  • If you place 6 cans in the holding basket, the last can will drop out of the basket when crusher moves while crushing other cans;
  • A soft padding on the handle would make the crushing process more comfortable.

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