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can ram crusher


  • Orientation – Vertical.
  • Product size – 23.3x16x18.9 inches (59.2×40.6×48 cm).
  • Material – Nylon.
  • Maximum can size – 16 oz.
  • Color – Black.
  • Automatic dispensing – Yes.
  • Collection bin – No.
  • Multiple can holder – Yes. Holds 10 cans at time.

This Can Ram crusher is one of the few crushers that can hold multiple cans simultaneously which makes the crushing process a bit more automated. It has got a storage on top of the crushing mechanism which can store up to 10 cans at the same time which is one the largest amount of cans between all commercial can crushers. The holder, same as the all the crushing unit is made from a durable nylon plastic, which is also rustproof so you can mount this can crusher both indoors and outdoors and use it in your backyard in pool parties or outdoor gatherings. Can Ram is a vertical can crusher which means that it can be installed to a vertical surface like a wall. Remember that the material of a wall you will install the crusher must be durable enough to withstand continuous usage of the crusher, because force applied in the crushing process may damage the wall and mounting hardware of the crushing unit.

can ram aluminum can crusher

The working principles of this aluminum can crusher are pretty simple. You can place up to 10 cans in the can holder on the top of the unit. Can Ram can compress cans in size up to 16 oz. The leveler of the crusher is lowered by default and to compress an aluminum can you must push the handle upwards which is quite unusual because with most can crusher you have to pull the handle down to compress a can. When you have pushed the handle up, the most bottom aluminum can in the can tray will get compressed in approx. 1 to 2 inch size and will fall out trough the hole on the bottom of the crusher. You can place a trash can right below the aluminum crusher so all the empty cans fall into the trash. It is also useful to put a trash can under the crusher because most of the time a little liquid is left inside a can and this liquid can spill out in the crushing process. To ensure that all the sticky mess form empty aluminum cans won’t drain on the floor, place a trash bin under the crushing tool. Note that Can Ram crusher does not come with a collection bin and you will need to purchase it separately.

The real advantage of this can crusher is that the crushing process is semi-automatic and you don’t need to put a can into the crusher, compress it and take the can out and repeat this process for all empty aluminum cans you have. This may be OK if you need to crush 10 to 20 cans at the same time but may take a lot more time and force to crush 100 or couple 100 cans one by one. Can Ram with 10 can storage and automatic dispensing system speeds this process up more than 5 times. I can recommend working in a group of two to speed the crushing process up even more, especially if you need to crush a lot of empty soda or beer cans. One person can insert aluminum cans in the holding chamber and other person can do the crushing process. After a couple dozen cans you can switch positions to make the process more efficient.

Can Ram aluminum can crusher is quite large, its dimensions are 23.3x16x18.9 inches (59.2×40.6×48 cm), but thanks to the nylon plastic frame it is pretty light and weights approx. 1 pound (0.5 kg).


  • Will hold up to 10 cans at time;
  • Automatic dispensing makes the crushing process faster (no need to pick out a compressed can and put in the next one);
  • Will crush up to 16 oz large cans;
  • Useful for those who need to crush huge number on cans and want to save more time than crushing them with a crusher that holds just a single can.


  • Cans need to be arranged from time to time so they get properly compressed;
  • If few cans are left in the holder they may pop out in different direction than down, also when holder is filled with 10 cans top cans might drop out while crushing;
  • Plastic frame of Can Ram crusher is more fragile than steel frame of other crushers;
  • Leveler must be raised upwards to crush a can and not down as with other crushers. This makes the crushing process more difficult;
  • Sometimes doesn’t fully compress all cans and they get stuck into the crusher or drop only half pressed into the trash can.

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