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Recycling festivals Recycling

Music festivals aren’t the only type of festivals. Since people are thinking more about green living, recycling festivals have become popular, too.

Can you recycle aluminum foil? Recycling

Aluminum foil is made from 100% aluminum, making it pure aluminum, just like the one that aluminum cans or other aluminum objects are made out off. That means that aluminum foil is also totally recyclable. However, not all aluminum recycling facilities accept aluminum.

Aluminum recycling during WW2 Recycling

Second World War was a tough time for everyone because it was a war that involved more than 30 different countries and around 73 million people lost their lives during this war. To be able to fight this war many countries had to go to extreme measures to be able to provide their soldiers with the necessary equipment, and one of them was metal and especially aluminum recycling.

Interesting facts about aluminum recycling Recycling

Recycling aluminum is extremely important because aluminum is one of the most popular metals that is wildly used in many fields such as manufacturing, engineering and construction which means that there also is a lot of aluminum waste produced each moment. And because the decomposition...

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Benefits of recycling to the environment Recycling

Recycling is something not everybody do, but those who do recycle know how good and beneficial it is to the environment, so to encourage you to start recycling and give you reasons why you should do it, here are the biggest environmental benefits of recycling....

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