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There is no doubt that recycling is good for the environment and that by recycling things rather than just throwing them away so the can go to a landfill you do so much better by the environment and by our planet. Luckily for us nowadays we are able to recycle a lot of things, but then again not all recycling facilities take just any recycling material, since for example aluminum recycling and glass recycling are very different processes, which means that every day many people are actively searching for information on where and how to recycle different materials. If you are interested in most searched materials for recycling, then keep on reading.

6. Paint

The sixth place for most searched thing for recycling is paint. Believe or not but people very often wonder if a specific kind of paint is recyclable and how and where to do it. The truth is that oil-based paint which is one of the most popular types of paint, isn’t recyclable and it actually is even categorized as hazardous waste. But latex paint, for example can be recycled. And you can even check in with your local charities and see if they don’t accept your leftover paint, as often charities do and do it with open hands.

5. Motor oil

The fifth place goes to motor oil, but not just an motor oil but used motor oil. Yes, you read that right, people really do search that if they can somehow recycle or reuse motor oil. Fortunately, even though motor oil is quite toxic, it can be reprocessed, so I can be used again. So it really would be good idea to to do that rather than just throw our your motor oil so it sits in a landfill for hundreds of years and slowly degrades.

4. Electronics


In his day and age it really is no wonder that so many people search for how to get rid of their old electronics. From phones, to old computers, to refrigerators, to TVs to anything else you can imagine, people want to get rid of their old technology and buy new one. The great thing is that, since people are searching for ways to recycle old electronics, that also means that people want to get rid of them in environmentally firiendly way not just dump them in the nearest landfill, which is very commendable.

3. Aluminum cans

aluminum can recycling

Then aluminum cans start our TOP 3 as the third most searched for material for recycling. This is great, because aluminum is one of those materials that not only can be recycled infinite times, but that also is much cheaper to recycle than it is to make the aluminum cans anew. So thanks to the fact that people are willing to recycle aluminum cans, it gives us hope that maybe in the future we could stop producing aluminum from virgin materials all together and just make it by recycling other aluminum things over and over again.

2. Paper

recycling paper

Then of coarse there is paper, because that is one of the most talked about recyclable materials. And although everyone knows that paper indeed can be recycled and can be recycled very successfully people usually are searching for specific places where you can do it, which must mean that people actually are collecting their paper for recycling with the intention to recycle it.

1. CFL bulbs

CFL recycling

Did you guess what was the single most searched thing in regards to recycling? Before doing research for this list I thought it must be paper or maybe plastic, but it actually are CFL or compact fluorescent lamp bulbs, since as of right now, they still are one of the most used bulbs in households, offices and such. Luckily, usually people also don’t have to search far to find a place where thy can recycle their old bulbs, since a lot of bid chain home improvement retailers collect fluorescent bulbs that aren’t broken.

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