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Can crushers are the perfect devices to help you do better at recycling aluminum cans, because they are specially made to crush the cans down to small size for you to easily store them and later recycle them. And for those who prefer their drinks in larger cans will appreciate the 16 oz can crushers, that will easily compress cans that are 16 ounces or smaller.

Can Ram semi-automatic crusher

can ram crusher

The first of the best 16 oz can crushers is this Can Ram semi-automatic crusher, that is manufactured by a company called MasterCrush. This can crusher is unique device that not only has an automatic dispersing system but also is made out of durable materials and is easy to use.

Although this can crusher can be mounted only in one direction – vertically to a wall or any other flat surface, so you won’t have a lot of variety in this department, however it comes with an automatic dispersing system that will save you the time of removing each crushed can from the crusher and the worry that you might cut yourself with one of the sharp edges that can form in the compressing process, making it comfortable to work with this can crusher.

Speaking of comfortable usage, this crusher is amazing at being simple and easy to use. It features a mechanism that will allow you to compress the cans without having to put in much effort and the handle that needs to be pulled up to crush the cans is comfortably shaped so it will be easy to grip it and it won’t give you blisters, if you use the crusher to crush a lot of cans at one time.

The material that is used to make this crusher is steel which means that the crusher not only will be very durable by itself, but the compressing mechanisms will last a long time without bending or any damage. And the frame of the crusher is painted black to give more modest look and even though it doesn’t have a collection bin it does have a cage that can hold up to 10 uncompressed cans so that you can collect your cans in one place.

Can Ram crusher advantages

  • Has an automatic dispersing system for faster can compressing process;
  • Has a can storage cage, that can hold up to 10 empty 16 oz cans;
  • Comfortable handle for easier usage;
  • Modest design so it will blend in any interior.

Can Ram crusher disadvantages

  • The handle rises upwards not downwards to crush the cans, which might be uncomfortable to some;
  • Tend to not compress the cans fully from time to time;
  • The cans can get stuck in the storage cage or pop out of it if there are only a few cans in it.

Pacific Precision Metals The CRUSHER


No wonder this can crusher is called THE CRUSHER because with its steel construction and comfort features like padded handle will allow you to crush up 16 oz aluminum cans with ease.

This crusher that is manufactured by a company with the name Pacific Precision Metals, is a vertical orientation crusher that is produced to help you start your recycling journey one compressed can at a time. Even though it doesn’t have extras like automatic can dispensing so you will have to take each crushed can out of the crusher yourself and it cannot hold more than one can at a time, it will still be an efficient household tool to recycle each can as soon as it is empty.

But some things that do come with this crusher are sturdy steel build that not only won’t rust, but also won’t bend even after years of use, which is colored white for more understated look. And you can also get the crusher in other color options too. Also it has a comfortable handle that when pulled down is used to crush the cans. It features a padding for more comfort and easy grip. And this crusher differs from others because it has a closed housing that encloses the can when it is being crushed completely, so that you cannot cut yourself when you crush the cans and that will fit into your kitchen, because it looks just like any other little gadget not some steel cage contraption.

Additionally this crusher will compress the cans to a size that is as small as just 1 inch so you will be able to store more than six times more cans in any standard trash can to later bring it to your local aluminum collection place.

THE CRUSHER advantages

  • Design that is unique and will fit well in your kitchen;
  • Made from steel so will be durable;
  • Easy to use model;
  • Padded handle for more comfort and no slip grip.

THE CRUSHER disadvantages

  • Doesn’t have an automatic dispensing system so you will have to take out cans yourself;
  • If the cans aren’t properly placed into the crusher they might pop out during the compression process;
  • The handle can be a bit hard to navigate if used heavily.

Kitchen Craft can crusher


If you want something different than the regular can crusher that is operated with the help of your hand you might be interested in this can crusher by Kitchen Craft, because, unlike all other crushers, this one is meant to use with your foot, because you crush cans with it by stepping on the top of the crusher and pushing it down instead of pulling the handle up or down with your hand.

This can crusher doesn’t have the extras that many can crushers come with like it doesn’t have the automatic dispensing system that would push out the cans itself or a collection bin or multiple can holder that would enable you to store empty cans or crushed cans. Instead, it comes with the simplest design possible, featuring a black metal frame, that will withstand not only different conditions but different forces, and the ability to crush cans that are 20 oz or smaller, but primarily meant for approximately 16 oz can crushing.

Another neat feature of this crusher is the way it folds up when it is not used. Place it on your kitchen, garage or patio floor and use only when necessary. But when you are not using it close up the crushing palate and it will become a small black rectangle in the corner of your room that won’t take up space and won’t bother you. On top of that this crusher, because it is operated with your feet and made from steel, it can be used on not only aluminum but also steel food cans fore bigger variety of applications.

Kitchen Craft can crusher advantages

  • Crushes cans that are 20 oz or smaller;
  • Can crush aluminum drink cans as well as steel food cans;
  • Unique designs because you operate it with your foot;
  • When not used folds into small rectangle;
  • Durable and long lasting because of the steel construction.

Kitchen Craft can crusher disadvantages

  • Doesn’t have an automatic dispensing system;
  • Can’t hold more than one can;
  • Not as comfortable to use as wall mounted crushers.

Valley Can Crusher


A crusher that will not only crush cans that are the size of 16 oz or smaller but also will be able to crush many of the cans that don’t fit into the regular 12 or 16 oz can categories is this metallic can crusher by Valley.

This crusher is made out of steel and has a metallic gray powder coating so it will not only be durable and won’t bend easily, but it also is stylish and will look good in many environments. The vertical orientation of the can crusher ensures that it is easy to work with the crusher and it will compress cans of many sizes, but the wide shaped leaver on top of its comfortable shape also has a padded top part that all will make it easy to grip it and it won’t slip out of your hand in the middle of crushing process.

Unfortunately this aluminum can crusher doesn’t have an automatic dispersing or an attached collection bin as well as it doesn’t store multiple cans meaning that you will have to take out each compressed can yourself before you can put in new can to crush, making the process bit more time consuming but still comfortable.

The vertical design means that the crusher will have to be mounted vertically to a wall or other flat surface indoors with the mounting screws that come with the crusher, because, although the heavy duty steel and the coating will protect it from weather and other conditions, if held outside for a long time it can start to rust or stop working properly.

Valley Can Crusher advantages

  • Made from sturdy steel material;
  • Metallic gray powder finish gives a classy feel to the crusher;
  • Easy to operate and to crush cans;
  • No slip handle to make using the crusher easier.

Valley Can Crusher disadvantages

  • The crushing mechanism might weaken with time if used extensively;
  • The mounting hardware that comes with the crusher isn’t the strongest so should be replaced.

Eko-Mania crusher

Eko-Mania Krusher can crusher

This, like most of the aluminum can crushers, too is made out of steel and produced by UK based company called Eko-Mania.
Because this is a steel crusher and it is made with the top build materials giving the crusher high strength and durability, it is a crusher that is able to not only crush aluminum cans that are 17 oz or smaller, but also crush things like plastic water bottles and milk carts making it the ultimate home product recycling tool and allowing you to recycle much more efficiently. On top of that the steel that is used to produce this crusher is coated, so it can be used no only indoors but outside too and it will withstand even the worst weather conditions.

Speaking of the design of this crusher, it has a very classic and sophisticated feel to it with its large leaver that doubles as a cover to cover up the ugly crushing process. The leaver is also very bulky so if needed you can easily grip it with not only one but both of your arms to crush even the most stubborn aluminum cans or plastic bottles. And although the crusher doesn’t have an automatic dispensing system, it is easy to take out crushed cans or bottles especially if the crusher is hung at eye level.

The inside of the can crusher is designed specially to comfortably fit aluminum cans and also to fit regular plastic bottles and even milk cartoons and to crush them in the most efficient way. And the crushing mechanism itself is also made from steel and won’t become loose and lose its ability to crush cans and bottles.

Eko-Mania crusher advantages

  • Made from durable steel that will withstand different weather conditions;
  • Sophisticated design so the crusher will fit even in the nicest of kitchens;
  • Large and comfortable crushing handle so you can easy use one or both of your arms to crush cans;
  • Will crush aluminum cans that are 17 oz or smaller;
  • Will also crush plastic bottles and milk cartons.

Eko-Mania crusher disadvantages

  • Hard to purchase outside UK;
  • Might need oiling from time to time to work properly.

Multi-Load can crusher

Multi-Load 16 oz can crusher featured

A crusher that has a slot to store up to 6 empty cans so you won’t have to crush each can as soon as it is empty, is this can recycling tool, which is manufactured by a US company called Harbor Freight Tools.

The great thing about this crusher is that it can crush all these cans in small amount of time. Thanks to the storage and the semi-automatic dispensing system that makes the operation of the crusher seamless, this crusher can crush all 6 cans in about 10 seconds, and if you continue to load the crusher with more cans they will be compressed in literally seconds.

The 15 inch plastic lever of the crusher that needs to be pulled down when you want to compress each can is made in the shape of a children’s wagon handle meaning that it will be very easy to operate it and to pull it down as well as it won’t cause you blisters or any other damage to your hand. The handle is connected to more intricate but still very durable crushing system that will allow you to crush cans without putting in much effort, so even a child or an older person will be able to recycle their 16 oz cans into small circles.

This device is designed so that the crusher as well as can storage is in a metallic gray color with a black leaver giving the can crusher a classical feel with contrasting colors. It doesn’t have special covers to cover what exactly this device does, that gives the crusher more industrial and tough look. And it can be mounted to a wall in vertical position or simply left on the floor or shelf and it still will be easy to use.

Multi-Load can crusher advantages

  • Semi-automatic system lets you crush 6 cans in 10 seconds;
  • Multiple can storage basket so you won’t have to crush each can separately;
  • Comfortable and long handle for easy use;
  • Made out of high grade steel so will withstand even bad weather conditions;
  • Can be mounted to a wall.

Multi-Load can crusher disadvantages

  • The handle can break if too much force is applied to it because it’s made from plastic;
  • Cans tend to stuck in the storage or crushing mechanism.

MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher


And the last can crusher in this list of the best can crushers is the biggest of them all – this aluminum can crusher that is produced by a company called MasterCrush. With the name like that, no wonder they produce such great and big crushers.

This crusher can crush cans that are up to 32 oz in their size and although it crushes only aluminum cans, it still is considerable achievement to be able to crush cans of this size. Another benefit of this can recycling device is that it is a multi position crusher, meaning that you can mount it horizontally or vertically to your wall and it still will work properly and be easy to use.

mastercrush bottles

The downside to this crusher is that it doesn’t feature an automatic dispensing system or a can collection bin of any kind, so you will be able to crush only one can at a time and to compress the next one you will have to manually take out the previous can before you can put in the next one. But since many people doesn’t care about that, then if you want a really large capacity can crusher this product will definitely be for you.

The feature that to me seems the best is that it is modeled to have sleek black design with easy operation, because if it is simple to use and looks good in my kitchen, I am more likely to actually use it. The handle of MasterCrush can crusher is padded and won’t slip out of your grip even if you have 10 or more cans to crush at one time. Another advantage of this tool is the sturdy steel construction and smoothly working crushing mechanism.

MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher advantages

  • Can crush cans that are up to 32 oz in size;
  • Sleek and sturdy design that fits in many environments;
  • Coating of the crusher allows to use it indoors or outdoors;
  • Easy to use;
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically giving you bigger variety in its placement.

MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher disadvantages

  • If you use too much force when operating this crusher the joints can become damaged;
  • Sometimes cans pop out if not placed into the crusher properly.

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