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One of the best ways how you can help the environment is to start recycling your waste, because recycling helps not only reduce landfill and factory pollution when old trash is stored or new products are manufactured, but it also helps overall to save and preserve the environment, so that we can keep our planet intact and healthy. But recycling is not the only thing you can do to help the environment, because there are a few other actions that you can adopt into your daily routine to save and preserve the environment.

Unplug all appliances

You probably have heard that you need to turn off and unplug all appliances during a thunderstorm when there is lighting, to prevent lighting from damaging said appliances. But did you know that it is very beneficial to the environment to unplug all appliances as soon as you stop using them? Many appliances use up to 30% of electricity even when they are turned off but plugged in, so by unplugging your appliances or buying power strips that have the option to cut off the power, you can not only save on electricity bills, but using less power will help the environment too by limiting the need of even larger energy production.

Install proper insulating in your house

Thing that people tend to overlook when building, renovating or repairing a house or apartment is that they tend to not install proper insulating. Full insulating package – insulation on ceiling, walls and under the floors – will prevent your home not only from getting too hot in the summer or too cool in the winter, but it will allow you to use less energy for cooling or warming up your house, therefore you will have to pay less as well as you will overall use less energy and that way help the environment.

Control temperature in your house

For those who have the ability to control the temperature of their home with a thermostat or any other similar system, I would suggest to not turn up the temperature in the winter. Instead lower the temperature even for a few degrees and wear a sweater and sleep with a warmer blanket, because this way again you will not only be able to save electricity and therefore pay less for it, but also you will leave less of a footprint on the environment.

Use energy efficient LED or CFL light bulbs

Another thing you can do to not only cut your costs but to actually help the environment is to replace all your regular light bulbs with compound fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs or even LED lamps. The CFL and the LED bulbs both use significantly less energy and consume a lot less watts than regular light bulbs do, but in terms of light they will emit even brighter light than your regular light bulbs, so you will be able to get more illuminated home for less electricity burned, which in return helps the environment by saving electricity.

Use rechargeable batteries

If you have a lot of devices that work on batteries I would suggest you to buy rechargeable batteries and use them, because this way you will not only save money on batteries, but also reduce the amount of toxic waste that are old and empty batteries, which are dumped in landfills and can really do damage to our environment.

Don’t rinse the dishes before putting them into a dishwasher

If you own a dishwasher which you should, because dishwasher itself uses a lot less water to wash the dishes than we use by doing it manually, you should avoid rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. There really is no point in rinsing the dishes, if you are going to put them in the dishwasher, because it is created to clean the dishes and do it by using as little water as possible, so don’t waste more of your water and frankly time too, to rinse the dishes, but just put them in the dishwasher and let it do its job.

Buy reusable products

And last but not least, also try to avoid collecting a lot of trash that is in the shape of single-use products. Instead of buying new plastic water bottle each day, invest in reusable one and fill it yourself, or instead of using paper towels to dry your hands, use regular and reusable towels. This way not only you will save money on every-day products, but will create less trash that will benefit the environment by creating less things that need to be dumped in landfills, as well as you will create less need to produce more and more of these disposable products, therefore you will save trees and other raw materials that are used into manufacturing things like paper towels, plastic bottles, paper cups and other common disposable items.

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