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Green living has been somewhat as a trend for the last couple of years now, because people are trying to incorporate more and more lifestyle changes in their daily routines, to live in a way that harms the environment as little as possible, that way helping to preserve our planet and ecosystem. So whether you are just thinking about green living or actually attempting to live green, here will be some of the biggest reasons why green living is so important.

The biggest benefits from green living are obviously the environmental benefits that come with green, healthy living. Actions such as recycling, pollution reduction, nature conservation and plant and tree cultivation will all create much more sustainable world for us and for our future generations. It is a well-known fact that if we don’t start to think more about the environment and don’t start to consider its preservation as a part of our daily live, in a couple decades we will be forced to live in a much different world. Just look at what is happening right now with global warming and all the other environmental changes. So by living green, we will help our environment to continue on and to maintain it as it is now, which will benefit not only to the environment itself, but frankly speaking, it will benefit to ourselves as well.

Which leads me to the second benefit of green living – better life quality for ourselves. A thing that many people doesn’t consider is the fact that by living green we can actually not only preserve the life quality we have now, but actually raise it. I don’t mean that by adopting the green living lifestyle you will have more luxurious life or it will change it a huge way. What I mean by bettering our life quality is that green living can actually better your live in small ways on day to day basis. Because two of the most important green living principles are conservation and consumptions and waste reduction, by thinking more about the environment, you will be able to live with less stuff, less clutter which will definitely produce less waste as well as will help with the conservation of the planet, because there will be less of a need for products, that in return will produce smaller need to produce more products. But not only the physical aspect of your life will become better, but nonphysical aspects can improve too – you can improve your relationships, your self-worth and self-actualization. How? By green living you think more about the environment, but because you live in that environment it so happens that you actually think more about yourself too, more about your life quality. And what happens when we live better in better conditions, we not only feel better and more accomplished, but there is room to create better relationships and overall do better in your life.

And the third huge benefit from green living is that it can significantly help to reduce costs as well as benefit the overall economic. By going green you adapt lifestyle that doesn’t harm the environment. These changes don’t need to be big, for example, by foregoing the paper bills and only using the internet to receive and pay those said bills you already are using significantly less paper and that way conserve the planet, or by using can crushers to crush your aluminum cans, you not only save space in your house, but can better recycle these cans later. And even these smaller changes can save you money because you won’t have to pay for paper bill delivery to your mailbox or you will save gas on less frequent trips to the recycling center. Not to mention how much you would save if you drove an electric car or if you would create your electricity with wind turbines. As for the overall economic benefits, by living green you create ways to grow the economy long term. Recycling industry that you help to employ not only creates a lot of employment opportunities, which to many areas are very important, but you also reduce your waste and conserve the environment thus creating less of a need for different costly services that work to clean the environment and creating more space to grow plants, trees and crops in.

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