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Can crushers are a great tool to use if you drink a lot of sodas or use a lot of aluminum cans but still want to do your deed to the environment and recycle those cans. And one of the most popular size of this can recycling tool is 12 ounces, meaning that with the 12 oz can crusher you will be able to crush any can that is 12 ounces or less in its size and do it quickly and without any effort. But since there are quite a few different 12 oz can crushers available, I thought you might appreciate a list of best 12 ounce crushers to help you chose the one most suitable to your space.

Easy Pull Can Crusher


The first of five best 12 oz can crushers are this Easy Pull can crusher, that is an aluminum can crusher produced by company called Easy Pull, hence the name of the can crusher. This can recycling tool is made out of 3 basic materials – the body consists of nylon, that will give the crusher its durability, but the hinges and other moving parts are made out of stainless steel and aluminum, to give them smooth motions and prevent them from rusting.

Although this crusher is meant to crush cans up to 12 oz in size, it is able to crush even a little bigger cans that are not the standard 12 or 16 oz cans. To do that you will just need to pinch them in the middle a bit so that they fit into the device which is a definite added bonus.

The operation of this can crusher as the name of its manufacturing company suggests is simple and easy because the mechanism is made so that you won’t have to put in much force or effort to crush aluminum cans with it. And the automatic dispensing mechanism makes sure that not only the cans won’t pop out during the crushing process, but also you won’t even need to touch the crushed cans to get them out of the device, because it will drop the cans right into your trashcan or in the specially made 16 inch plastic attachable can collection bin that can be purchased with the can crusher.

The design is made so that the crusher handle is easy to grip and to pull down. On top of that this vertical can crusher will fit even in the most modern kitchen, because it has a sleek black design and a small size – 19.8 x 6.5 x 4 inches (50.2 x 16.51 x 10.16 cm).

Easy Pull Can Crusher advantages

  • Easy to use;
  • Ergonomic;
  • Great design and build quality;
  • Has automatic dispensing mechanism, so you won’t have to touch compressed cans and you won’t cut yourself;
  • Attachable collection bin will make for easier crushed can storage.

Easy Pull Can Crusher disadvantages

  • Crushes only aluminum cans;
  • Will only compress cans that are up to 12 ounces.

Commercial Zone CanPactor


This is an automatic and horizontal can crusher, that is made by a company called Commercial zone, it is another can crusher that although differs from the previous one in design as well as build, is efficient and will do the job of recycling cans beautifully.

This can crusher is a multipurpose crusher that combines a regular crusher with a large 30 gallon trash can container that can hold about 400 crushed cans creating the ultimate recycling tool. You can use this crusher indoors or outdoors to crush your aluminum cans, because the collection bin as well as the crusher itself that is located on top of the recycling bin is made of plastic polyethylene, which provides durability and will make the unit last for a long time. And thanks to the fact that the crusher unit is removable from the recycling bin, you can use it by itself or exchange it in case it breaks.

Because this is a horizontal can crusher the cans need to be put in horizontally instead of vertically, which sometimes makes it harder to navigate this crusher, but despite of that the cans will be compressed up to 80% of their original size. The crusher is equipped with an automatic dispensing, which makes crushed cans go directly into the collection bin so you won’t even have to touch the used and often sharp compressed cans to get them out of the crusher. And although this is not an electric crusher it still is easy to use and it won’t take practically any effort to crush the cans with it.

And even though this crusher is a bit bulkier in size because of the large collection bin – the dimensions of this crusher are 22 to 16 to 33 inches (55.9×40.6×83.8 cm), it still manages to look good with the beige color and rounded edges.

Commercial Zone Can Pactor advantages

  • Comes together with a large collection bin that can hold up to 400 recycled aluminum cans;
  • Is the ultimate recycling and storage tool;
  • Has an automatic dispensing system so you won’t have to touch the compressed cans;
  • Is already mounted on the collection bin eliminating the need to be mounted on any surface.

Commercial Zone Can Pactor disadvantages

  • Doesn’t crush the cans as small as other can crushers;
  • Might take more effort to use the crusher;
  • Is more expensive than others;
  • Is bulkier than other crushers.

Easy Crush Can Crusher

easy crush can crusher

Another great invention from Pacific Precision Metals is this simple, vertical can crusher that although doesn’t feature any can collection bins or doesn’t have a fancy design is still one of the top 12 oz can crushers.

This can crusher is different from others because of its simplicity. The basic idea behind this crusher is that it makes it easy to crush cans without huge effort at the same time not being complicated in its build. The whole crusher is made out of thick steel wire that in combination with the crusher mechanism creates the perfect easy to use can crusher that will crush any 12 oz and smaller aluminum can into a small 1 inch tick round.

Although the crusher doesn’t have an automatic dispensing system or a padded crusher handle that would make the crusher more luxurious it also eliminates the chance of these details breaking and leaving you with a crusher that doesn’t work properly. On top of that because each and every part of the crusher is from steel it won’t break or bend very easily as long as you don’t use it on steel cans but only on aluminum cans.

The design of this can recycling tool is simple and minimalistic with its wire frame and white color with powder finish, so it will fit in modern, rustic or very simple kitchen as well as any other space from outdoors patio to the garage. And because it is so simple and quite small in size being only 15.4 to 5.7 to 3.3 inches (39.1 x 14.4 x x8.4 cm) it can also be simply hung up on any spare nails or hook, but I would recommend to screw it to a sturdy surface because the crushing process will put a lot of strain on the mountings of this crusher.

Easy Crush Can Crusher advantages

  • Simple design;
  • Easy to use;
  • Durable and sturdy thanks to the all steel parts;
  • Crushes the cans from 12 oz to 1 inch in size.

Easy Crush Can Crusher disadvantages

  • Doesn’t have padded handle;
  • Doesn’t feature an automatic dispensing system;
  • The white coating will come off after a while;
  • Because of the manual removal, the cans can stuck in the crusher, but can be removed with the help of a screwdriver.

Prepworks from Progressive SC-90 can crusher

Prepworks from Progressive SC-90 can crusher featured

If you want an upgrade from the previous can crusher but still don’t need the extra features such as automatic dispensing system then you can look into this crusher by the manufacturer – Prepworks from Progressive.

This manual can crusher is another vertical can recycling device that will help you crush any 12 ounce or smaller aluminum cans into a much smaller object. Not only the crusher itself is built from stainless steel that will prevent the crusher from rusting, but it also is coated, so it stays in its original coloring and original condition.

The way this crusher works is you put your aluminum can into the crusher in a vertical position, pull down of the lever that features an easy to grab and pull design and a padding that will make the operation of the crusher more comfortable and the crusher with its mechanism will compress the can. Then carefully take the can out of the crusher, because it doesn’t feature an automatic dispensing and store the compressed can for recycling.

This particular crusher will also be easily hung up on any wall or other surface thanks to predrilled mounting holes, just make sure that the surface is stable and durable enough to hold up the steel crusher and that you don’t use unnecessary force on the crusher because that can damage the crushing mechanism as well as the crusher itself.

Even though the crusher is made out of cold steel it is painted in a mixture of red and metallic gray that gives the crusher a bit more modern feel as well as some character and will look especially good with stainless steel or metallic gray appliances. And thanks to its size of 12.5 to 4.2 to 3.2 inches (31.7×10.6×8.12 cm) it also won’t take a lot of space in your kitchen or any other place.

Prepworks from Progressive SC-90 can crusher advantages

  • Durable construction;
  • Sleek and modern design;
  • Cheaper in price than most other crushers;
  • Easy to use;
  • Padded handle will make of more comfortable use.

Prepworks from Progressive SC-90 can crusher disadvantages

  • Doesn’t have an automatic dispersing system;
  • Better to pinch the 12 oz can in the middle before crushing for more efficient use.

Basic Industries International 77703 can crusher


And the last but definitely not least device for can recycling is this Basic Industries International can crusher. This crusher vary from the others because of the fact that in addition of having an automatic dispensing mechanism it can hold up to 6 cans in one time so it has the advantage of multiple can holder, meaning it is easier to crush more cans in shorter period of time and store them for later recycling.

The crusher features a handle that is not padded, however is still easy to pull down when crushing cans, making the structure of this crusher simple and the operation of it easy. And even if it cannot crush larger cans than 12 ounces, the ones that are in its size limit will be crushed into 1 inch size compressed cans that will take up 4 times less space than uncompressed cans would.

The material that is used to make this can crusher is steel, so this will be a sturdy and durable unit that will withstand even rougher conditions, so you can place this can crusher not only indoors but outdoors too. On top of that, the steel construction also gives the crusher a metallic look and shine that adds to the unique design of this crusher.

Speaking of design in conjunction to the metallic color, the crusher also has a steel cage design that adds to the industrial yet somehow classic feel of this recycling device. And because the crusher is only 5.7 to 8 to 18.2 inches (14.4 x 20.3 x 46.22 cm) in its size, it will take up less space while still be a useful tool to any household.

Basic Industries International 77703 can crusher advantages

  • Durable and sturdy;
  • Has an automatic dispensing system;
  • Will crush cans to 1 inch size;
  • Can store up to 6 uncompressed cans for later compression;
  • Easy to hang up;
  • Simple to use;
  • Design suitable for many environments.

Basic Industries International 77703 can crusher disadvantages

  • Don’t have the luxury of soft and padded handle;
  • If used with too much force, the frame of the crusher can bend.

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