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XtremepowerUS 16 oz can crusher


  • Distributor – Manufacturer.
  • Orientation – Vertical.
  • Product size – 5×3.2×21 inches (12.7×8.1×53.3 cm).
  • Material – Steel.
  • Maximum can size – 16 oz.
  • Color – Grey.
  • Automatic dispensing – No.
  • Collection bin – No.
  • Multiple can holder – No. Holds 1 can at time.

Can crushers are tools that are used to compress aluminum beverage cans for recycling. This tool sold by XtremepowerUS is a tool that can compress up to 16 oz large aluminum cans. The tool has got a very simple looks, with gray base and a black handle. The crusher features a durable steel construction and a simple to use crushing mechanism. This is a wall mountable crusher that needs to be installed to a sturdy wall with durable screws or else the crusher might come out when compressing cans. Crusher comes with all mounting screws needed to install it to a wall, but if you find that the included mounting hardware is not very durable, you can purchase more sturdy screws to safely mount it to a wall.

The crusher can take regular sized 16 oz cans or cans in a smaller size. This means that the tool will crush majority of beer and soda cans. Larger than 16 oz and non standard cans might not fit into the unit. If so, you can compress a can with your hands a bit before to fit it into the crusher, however this will not work with much taller cans than a regular 16 oz can. Can compactor must be used only with aluminum cans, so you cannot compress steel food cans, as it will certainly damage the crusher. The crusher will reduce a can down to about 20% of its size, so you can store 5 times more cans into a trash bag.

The crushing mechanism which includes crushing plate, hinges and the lever are the weak points of the unit, same as with similarly constructed crushers from other companies. You should use the tool with caution and should not put too much pressure on the mechanism. This will certainly increase the lifetime of the crusher. XtremepowerUS crusher is also very cheap and costs less than 10 dollars which is cheap not only for a 16 oz, but also for a 12 oz can crusher.

Beside crushing cans this tool has got couple of other useful features. To make the crushing a more pleasant process it has got a soft padding on the handle, which is especially useful when using the crusher for longer time from site. Also on the bottom of the tool there is a bottle opener, which is a small but useful addition for those who drink not only from aluminum cans, but also from bottles.

All in all the crusher is very basic tool that crushes aluminum cans without much effort. And although the crushing mechanism itself is pretty weak, if you use the tool with care, you should get a decent lifespan out of it and crush many hundreds of aluminum cans.


The usage of the crusher is very simple, just pull up the leveler, insert an aluminum can into the opening, pull down the handle and crush a can. A recommendation we write for all crushers is to squeeze the sides of a can before inserting it into the crusher, because this takes a lot of pressure off the crushing mechanism, which is important if you want the tool to work for many years. XtremepowerUS can crusher is useful tool in your home, garage, backyard, in schools or offices and many other places. This tool can also be a cool gift for people at any age and is not only practical but also encourage people to recycle more which helps the environment around.


The size of XtremepowerUS can crusher is 5×3.2×21 inches (12.7×8.1×53.3 cm).


  • Will crush up to 16 oz large cans;
  • Very cheap price for a 16 oz can crusher;
  • Easy to use;
  • Useful additions such as soft handle and a bottle opener at the bottom of the crusher.


  • Weak construction, crusher must be used with caution not to damage the tool;
  • Similar design seen on crushers from other manufacturers;
  • The handle tends to wobble from side to side and sometimes stucks while crushing a can.

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