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Great Recycling 12 oz can crusher


  • Distributor – American Science & Surplus.
  • Orientation – Vertical.
  • Product size – 5x5x12 inches (12.7×12.7×30.4 cm).
  • Material – Steel.
  • Maximum can size – 12 oz.
  • Color – Grey.
  • Automatic dispensing – No.
  • Collection bin – No.
  • Multiple can holder – No. Holds 1 can at time.

This can crusher is sold by American Science & Surplus. The crusher will compress cans up to 12 oz size, so it should take most aluminum soda and beer cans. The crusher itself is a simple to use tool and is easy to install. To mount the crusher to a wall simply put the screws trough the mounting holes on the frame of the crusher. This tool comes with all mounting screws needed, however you may find that included mounting screws are too weak to hold the crusher in place, but you can replace them with more sturdy screws from a hardware store. Install the crusher only to a sturdy surface such as a wooden wall, or else you can rip the crusher out of the wall when compressing a can.

The construction of this Great Recycling can crusher is very similar to other 12 oz wall mounted steel can crushers. The construction as well as the crushing mechanism of the tool are made from steel. The body of the crusher is in a metallic grey color and the handle is in black color. Tool can be mounted to a wall or another vertical surface. The base of the crusher seems to be made from a more thicker and durable steel than the crushing mechanism, so the leveler and hinges might the weak points of this tool. Compression of 12 oz aluminum cans is pretty easy thanks to a long 12 inch (30 cm) leveler. At the end of the leveler there is a soft foam handle to make crushing more comfortable. The can crusher also has got a bottle opener at the bottom of the unit, which is small but handy feature that allows to use this tool not only to crush aluminum cans, but also to open glass bottles.


The usage of the crusher is very simple. Pull the crushing handle up, insert a 12 oz aluminum can inside of the opening, pull the handle down and watch how crushing plate compresses cans down to approx. 1 inch height. Great Recycling can crusher will only take aluminum cans, and using it with steel or other type of cans such as animal food cans made from steel will damage the tool. As with most of these crushers, there are few tips you should know to prolong the lifetime of the tool. First, make a small dent in the middle of the can with your fingers before inserting it into the crusher. This will take a lot of pressure of handle and hinges, which are the weak points of this unit. Also place and position a can directly in the middle of the crusher, so it does not pop out in the crushing process. The last tip is pretty simple, lube all moving parts of the crusher regularly to provide smooth crushing, especially if you hear a squeaking noise or the handle start to stuck.


The size of American Science & Surplus Great Recycling can crusher is 5x5x12 inches (12.7×12.7×30.4 cm). The weight of the tool is approx. 2 pounds (0.9 kg).


  • Cheap price;
  • Steel construction should last, if used with care;
  • Easy to use and compresses cans down to just 1 inch size.


  • Crushing mechanism and handle are the weakest parts of the crusher and could bend with higher force;
  • Same design and colors we can see on many other 12 oz wall mounted steel can crushers.

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