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Valley crusher


  • Manufacturer – Valley.
  • Orientation – Vertical.
  • Product size – 21.25×4.75×3.2 inches (53.9x12x8 cm).
  • Material – Steel.
  • Maximum can size – 16 oz.
  • Color – Metallic grey.
  • Automatic dispensing – No.
  • Collection bin – No.
  • Multiple can holder – No.

Valley aluminum can crusher is a simple tool that can be used to crush empty aluminum beer and soda cans. The design of the crusher is very basic and you will find similarly looking products by other companies. However, we found that this is one of the most popular ones, so we wanted to review this model.

Valley can crusher will crush aluminum cans up to 16 oz size. This crusher will be suited if you are mostly using larger 16 oz beer or soda cans, but will also work with smaller 12 oz cans. This is definitely an advantage for this crusher, because not all crushers today will crash cans larger than 12 oz size, but we can see more companies making non-standard cans that will not fit into a 12 oz aluminum can crusher. This can crusher will crush only aluminum cans and cannot be used for crushing steel cans. The frame and crushing mechanism of the crusher is made from heavy duty steel, which provides durability for the tool. The frame has got a powder coat finish so you can basically use the tool outdoors, however we do not recommend that, because coating and color can easily be scraped off in the crushing process and crusher may start to rust in these places.

The crushing mechanism of this crusher is pretty simple. Just place an empty aluminum can into the opening, pull down the leveler that will compress the can, and take out the crushed can. The leveler of the crusher is pretty long, which makes the crushing process quite easy. The handle at the end of leveler has got a soft rubber grip that adds comfort for the crushing process and is especially useful if you need to crush a lot of aluminum cans in one time.

Valley can crusher has got a vertical design and it needs to be mounted to a wall. There are four screw holes on the frame of the crusher and it comes with wood screws that allow to mount the crusher to a wooden wall or other wood surface. Mounting screws that come with the crusher seems pretty week and should be changed to more durable screws, so that crusher do not start to come out of the mount in the crushing process.

Valley can crusher

One thing we can definitely recommend when using Valley can crusher is to pinch all aluminum cans in the middle before inserting them into the crusher and compressing them. The weakest point of this crusher is the leveler, which can break if high force gets applied to it regularly. However, pinching a can in the middle just a bit takes a lot of pressure of the crusher and it can crush the aluminum can a lot more easier. This does not take practically any effort and will provide a lot longer work life for the crusher. Also we recommend lubricating all moving parts such as the crushing mechanism and hinges after some period of usage, so that the metal parts of the crushing mechanism do not start to rub one against other.


Dimensions of Valley 16 oz can crusher are 21.25×4.75×3.2 inches (53.9x12x8 cm), and the weight of the tool is 2.2 pounds (1 kg).


  • Allows to crush cans up to 16 oz size;
  • Low price for a 16 oz crusher;
  • Easy to use.


  • Handle is the weak point of this crusher. It is recommended to pinch a can in the middle before crushing;
  • Mounting screws that came with the crusher are quite weak and it is recommended to buy proper screws for attaching the crusher to a wall.

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