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can pactor


  • Orientation – Multi position.
  • Product size – 11x4x7 inches (27.9×10.2×17.8 cm).
  • Material – Plastic.
  • Maximum can size – 12 oz.
  • Color – Black.
  • Automatic dispensing – No.
  • Collection bin – No.
  • Multiple can holder – No.

This Can Pactor can crusher by Commercial Zone is one of the few multi-position can crushers and certainly the most popular one. It can be mounted to practically any place, whether it’s a wall, table, ground, sill or other place. This can be done thanks to a multi position mounting mechanism of the Can Pactor. This can crusher can also be used flat without any mounting at all, so that makes it also a portable can crusher. This is useful if you do not store all your cans in a single place and mostly use the crusher in a kitchen, but also sometimes want to take it outside for an outdoor gathering. With the Can Pactor you will not need to dismount the crusher each time you want to use it in another place.

Can Pactor not only can be mounted to both horizontal and vertical surfaces but also has a very simple installation mechanism that allow fast and painless mounting. The crushing unit has got 3 mounting holes and you simply need to use three screws for mounting this tool. The Can Pactor does not come with mounting screws so they need to be bought separately.

If we look at the material of Can Pactor, it is made from a tough plastic that is going to withstand continuous usage without any problems. For most of us plastic associates with something cheap and easily breakable but this is certainly not that case. The crusher will withstand everyday usage without any problems and will help you to compress many bags of empty aluminum cans. Of course, plastic is not provide the same durability and longevity of a steel, but it will certainly serve you for a good time.

can pactor crusher

To ensure that cans do not pop out in the crushing process, we recommend that you pitch the can in the middle before crushing. This is not only recommended for this can crusher but also for other crushers as it takes load off the crushing mechanism. Can Pactor can crusher is able to compress cans up to 12 oz size, so it will not work with larger 16 oz cans. This aluminum can crusher can compress only single can at a time and does not have an automatic dispensing feature. We really enjoyed the simplicity of this crusher and how easily it can be used. Also the ability to mount it to both horizontal and vertical positions gives a real advantage for this tool as there aren’t practically any crushers that can work equally well when mounted both horizontally and vertically.

Can Pactor aluminum can crusher also is quite compact and measures approx. 11x7x4 inches (27.9×10.2×17.8 cm) and when the crushing handle is fully extended the length of the unit reaches 17 inches (43.2 cm). The crusher comes in a black color and will fit in interior of most places. The plastic body of the Can Pactor which is rustproof allows to use it both in indoor and outdoor places.

can pactor crusher operating

There is another version of the Can Pactor that comes mounted on a trash bin so you can throw compressed aluminum cans out in the trash right after crushing them.


  • Can be mounted in any position – vertical or horizontal;
  • Can be used without mounting;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Simple and fast mounting;
  • Plastic parts will not rust.


  • Higher price than other single can crushers;
  • Does not work with larger than 12 oz cans;
  • Compressed can size is a bit larger than you’d get from a vertical can crusher.

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