Aluminum recycling during WW2 Recycling

Second World War was a tough time for everyone because it was a war that involved more than 30 different countries and around 73 million people lost their lives during this war. To be able to fight this war many countries had to go to extreme measures to be able to provide their soldiers with the necessary equipment, and one of them was metal and especially aluminum recycling.

Principles of green living Recycling

Although I have been living a green, sustainable lifestyle for a while now taking the environment and my impact on it into consideration in whatever I do, I realized that I have never defined concrete principles of green living. So I thought it was time...

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How much natural resources we have left? Recycling

There are two types of natural resources – those that are renewable and those that are not. Although the amount of renewable resources at our disposal can shrink they won’t ever run out because they like their name suggests are in fact renewable and will...

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Green Dot symbol Recycling

Many associate recycling or green living for that matter with the symbol of white and green arrows swirling together. That symbol is called the Green Dot symbol. It often is called the “the recycling symbol” and it actually is quite accurate description of the symbol...

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Interesting facts about aluminum recycling Recycling

Recycling aluminum is extremely important because aluminum is one of the most popular metals that is wildly used in many fields such as manufacturing, engineering and construction which means that there also is a lot of aluminum waste produced each moment. And because the decomposition...

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Why green living is so important Recycling

Green living has been somewhat as a trend for the last couple of years now, because people are trying to incorporate more and more lifestyle changes in their daily routines, to live in a way that harms the environment as little as possible, that way...

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